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In the age of selfie, Instagram and Facebook, we are always taking fun photos of ourselves and our friends on almost every night out, and the same thing happens at weddings and parties! The best way to get those fun photos of your guests at your wedding or party is by having a photo booth! Photo booths – who doesn’t  love them?!  They are SUCH a fun activity to incorporate into your Special day! A lot of couples are incorporating photo booths into their weddings, even celebrities like Kim and Kanye had a photo booth at their wedding! We have seen  all of the fun that people have at weddings and parties in our photo booths, which is one of the many great reasons why you should have one at your Special event. 

You will have great memories to look back on and you will also be safe in the knowledge that your guests have had lots of fun!!

My Dad still keeps a  photo in his wallet of him and my Mum, from 1972. Imagine, in 40 years’ time pulling the photo of you and your sweetheart out of your wallet to show your kids...or even your kids’ kids!!